The tradition and skill of ACEITES MUÑOZ, S.L. is his trademark since the late nineteenth century, D. Daniel Muñoz Hernández created the first mill consists of a mill and presses empiedro mats.

Since then, ACEITES MUÑOZ, S.L. has been producing the highest quality oils from the variety CORNICABRA, majority of the area of the Toledo.

Generation after generation, knowledge is transmitted from father to son, from grandparents to grandchildren, to keep that love of tradition and good manners. Currently the Company is run by the fourth generation, a young and dynamic team who knows that only through quality and service markets can be conquered.

We have a wide range of oils: extra virgin olive, olive pomace oil, sunflower oil, vegetable fritters special … all in different formats marketed under different brands. We also have mayonnaise and balsamic vinegar.


In order to reach all audiences, our labels are available in different languages, in addition, extra virgin olive oil HERENCIA MEDITERRÁNEA, has labeled in Braille.

  • Company awarded the Silver Medal GREAT SELECTION 95.
  • Green business entrepreneurs honored at awards 2000.
  • Design Award given to Herencia Mediterránea – 2003.
  • GREAT TASTE Prize awarded to Herencia Mediterránea. United Kingdom – 2005.
  • ACCESSIBILITY OF CONTAINERS Prize awarded by the Once – 2006.

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Vanguard and Modernity

Vanguard and Modernity

The company has their own crops, oil mill with the latest technology and packaging lines versatility. Its stores, art, can accommodate more than 2 million liters.

Since its inception, ACEITES MUÑOZ has always been at the forefront in the mills of the area and the proof is their laboratory facilities and the latest technology for the analysis of fats and oils and their certification since June 2002 according quality standards ISO-9001: 2000.

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